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TV Review: “Apple” on Random Acts

Given the number of expensive and highly publicised TV shows these days, a 1:40 long animated poem is probably the last thing you would expect to see on your small screen. And let me tell you – what a breath of fresh air. Continue reading


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TV shows: healthy entertainment or dangerously addictive?

Admit it. As much as you love your friends, you’ve always secretly wished you could hang out with Phoebe, Chandler and the gang. Or you’ve probably been thinking about what it would be like to have a social life like Naomi’s in 90210. You may even keep telling yourself you’re as awesome as Barney but know in your heart you’ll never lead a life as legendary as his.

It’s OK – we have all at least once imagined what our life would be like if it were a TV show. And don’t lie, you were pretty bummed out when they shut down Megaupload too (may it rest in peace). Continue reading

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