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“Lie Down I Think I Love You”: interview with Emily Trotter

If you walk down Amwell Street in Barnsbury, London, you won’t help but notice what may be the strangest yet catchiest name for a shop. Lie Down, I Think I Love You is Barnsbury’s best-kept secret that can be found in a quiet Victorian road near Sadler’s Wells Theatre.

Featured in magazines such as Elle, Vogue and Cosmopolitan, as well as in last year’s November “Fashion’s 100 Hottest” list in Grazia, this one-of-a-kind label is quite the success story, attracting wholehearted fans all the way from Italy and Japan. Continue reading


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Wikileaks’ Julian Assange gives press conference at City University London

Julian Assange has spoken of a war against the international mass surveillance industry as Wikileaks released documents with details of companies selling personal data directly tracked from our smartphones. Continue reading


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Jamie Oliver: from zero to hero

If someone had told 16-year old James Trevor Oliver that in 10 years’ time he would become not only a phenomenon in the world of food, but a world phenomenon himself, and one of Britain’s most famous exports, he probably wouldn’t have believed it.

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After the whole Viajante fiasco, I’d given up on the idea of finding a warm, cosy Portuguese restaurant that would make me feel better whenever I’m homesick. I can’t say I found anything of the sort yet, but a restaurant in Islington has recently given me a bit of hope.

Portal's logo, from the restaurant's website

Unlike Viajante, Portal is a restaurant looking to be considered Portuguese, and what’s great about it is that it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to look like a sloppy tavern and serve “ultra-traditional” dishes – by which I mean food that tastes good to people who are familiar with it but doesn’t exactly attract newcomers because they don’t know what it is and, frankly, have no interest in finding out about it. Continue reading


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Viajante: a trip to anywhere but Portugal

As the Londoner that I’m (slowly but surely) becoming, I started looking for new restaurants to try out and maybe review in my blog.

I found out about one that really caught my eye; one that has not only caused controversy in England, where it’s based; in Portugal, its chef’s home country; but also, I must admit, in my own head, after having gone there a couple of months ago.

Viajante – which means “traveller” – opened its doors last year and its chef, Nuno Mendes, says his goal is to push boundaries in the culinary world. That, it certainly did. Unless you think eating duck heart and tongue is common.

Nuno Mendes at his restaurant in London, Viajante

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Student accommodation: what happens when you start university?

We’ve all been there. You get your UCAS confirmation e-mail, you celebrate the fact that you got accepted at a university, but after all the joy and excitement, you are compelled to face one simple question: “And now what?”

Well, this is when the annoying part of the process starts.  The decisions you have to take. The choices you have to make. And one crucial part of it all is, quite obviously, accommodation. Continue reading


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I don’t think sum

After an entire day of visiting and walking around London, it is only normal to feel the need  for (or better yet, crave) a nice, warm and comforting meal. Personally I love trying out new gastronomies from around the world and hate having the same kind of dinner two nights in a row. Accompagnied by two friends from home with a tourist guide in hand, we read a good review about Ping Pong, which was refered to as a great Chinese restaurant with affordable prices. We were immediately convinced.

The funny thing about this is, I wouldn’t even know how to review the restaurant. Well, I can say that I liked the decoration, can’t complain about the service and enjoyed the atmosphere. But the problem is that Ping Pong is not just a Chinese restaurant, it is a dim sum restaurant. Can’t tell the difference?

Photo: Courtesy of Haute Living Continue reading


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