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Student accommodation: what happens when you start university?

We’ve all been there. You get your UCAS confirmation e-mail, you celebrate the fact that you got accepted at a university, but after all the joy and excitement, you are compelled to face one simple question: “And now what?”

Well, this is when the annoying part of the process starts.  The decisions you have to take. The choices you have to make. And one crucial part of it all is, quite obviously, accommodation. Continue reading



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Student life: accomodation

To all uni students out there everywhere, please help me with this piece of research I am doing for a post I will be writing later.

Your feedback is needed and cooperation much appreciated!

Photo: Courtesy of informationplanet.pt

Where have you been living the past year (September-present)?

Do you have the possibility of living at home and appreciating all those home-cooked meals?

Do you live in student accomodation facilities (e.g. UNITE and uni halls) instead?

Or finally have you managed to get a place along  with some friends?

Thank you and please vote below!

Feel free to comment, any piece of information is extremely useful for my research.

POLLS ARE NOW CLOSED, but thanks to everyone who voted!


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