About the writer

Inês Rainho de Azevedo is a Portuguese student in communications with a passion for television and video, reporting on culture, television shows and anything quirky.

Inês, who in 2010 moved from Luxembourg to London to study at 17, recently graduated from City University London with a degree in journalism. She is currently doing a masters in Paris, at the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po).

Her multicultural background has allowed her to have work experience in three of the countries she has divided her life in – from an internship at the high-profile Portuguese news radio station TSF and reporting for the national Luxembourgish newspaper Luxemburger Wort, to working for the London 2012 Olympics, at the International Broadcasting Centre.

Her goal is to build a career in the media industry, as well as broadening her horizons with each experience.


4 responses to “About the writer

  1. Matteo

    It is so well organised! And your articles are so well structured!
    I can really see this is your field!
    Keep it going, I will be following it! 🙂

    Matti Buddy

  2. L. P

    Hello, congratulations for your Blog, and for the history that you describ so well.
    I am a portuguese in Afeganistan and it is very glad to me seeing portuguese young ones like you, in the persuit of culture and knowledge, trying growing up as you are doing.
    Go ahead and remember that you will find lots of obstacles in your future life, but the goal is never give up, and alwais look forward.
    Enjoy your new home town (London), and be happy.
    ps: Sorry my inglish.

  3. GCR

    Parabéns! Finalmente um blog com interesse, divertido, bem estruturado!!Fazia falta um destes nestas “andanças” da Comunicação!!

    Revela que és uma pessoa inteligente e com maturidade acima da média!

    Revela que és uma pessoa que FAZ FALTA neste Mundo de gente acéfala!

    O Futuro conta contigo!


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