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I don’t think sum

After an entire day of visiting and walking around London, it is only normal to feel the need  for (or better yet, crave) a nice, warm and comforting meal. Personally I love trying out new gastronomies from around the world and hate having the same kind of dinner two nights in a row. Accompagnied by two friends from home with a tourist guide in hand, we read a good review about Ping Pong, which was refered to as a great Chinese restaurant with affordable prices. We were immediately convinced.

The funny thing about this is, I wouldn’t even know how to review the restaurant. Well, I can say that I liked the decoration, can’t complain about the service and enjoyed the atmosphere. But the problem is that Ping Pong is not just a Chinese restaurant, it is a dim sum restaurant. Can’t tell the difference?

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Really worth having a look (mum no hands!)

At first glance, you could think Look Mum No Hands! is just another creative/arty/environmental friendly type café; one of many in London and the world. However, its specific niche – bikes and riding – makes it original, charming and attractive not only for cyclists but for everyone else too.

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Please do not call them custard tarts

“Pastel de nata”. Those are the first words people throw my way (after “obrigado” and swear words, of course) when people find out I’m Portuguese and they want to show off their Portuguese skills.

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Venice in London

I moved to London in September and after a while I told myself I had to go to an exhibition. I am in London after all, right?

So I looked up what was on on the internet and came across the Canaletto exhibition at the National Galery (Venice: Canaletto and his rivals), which immediately got my attention because, first of all, Trafalgar Square is one of my favourite places in the city; also, I hadn’t been to the National Galery in a while and, finally, I happen to love Venice. Sounded like the perfect combination to me! Continue reading


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