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Student accommodation: what happens when you start university?

We’ve all been there. You get your UCAS confirmation e-mail, you celebrate the fact that you got accepted at a university, but after all the joy and excitement, you are compelled to face one simple question: “And now what?”

Well, this is when the annoying part of the process starts.  The decisions you have to take. The choices you have to make. And one crucial part of it all is, quite obviously, accommodation. Continue reading



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Student life: accomodation

To all uni students out there everywhere, please help me with this piece of research I am doing for a post I will be writing later.

Your feedback is needed and cooperation much appreciated!

Photo: Courtesy of informationplanet.pt

Where have you been living the past year (September-present)?

Do you have the possibility of living at home and appreciating all those home-cooked meals?

Do you live in student accomodation facilities (e.g. UNITE and uni halls) instead?

Or finally have you managed to get a place along  with some friends?

Thank you and please vote below!

Feel free to comment, any piece of information is extremely useful for my research.

POLLS ARE NOW CLOSED, but thanks to everyone who voted!


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Why is London the world’s new meltin’ pot?

Today’s London is a perfect hub of the globe. It is home to over 30 ethnic communities of at least 10,000 residents each. In this city tonight, over 300 languages will be spoken by families over their evening meal at home. This pluralism is not a burden we must reluctantly accept. It is an immense asset that contributes to the cultural and economic vitality of our nation”, Robin Cook – Foreign Secretary in 2001


Photo: Courtesy of W10 on flickr Continue reading

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The issue of “Britishness”

When I moved to London, people often told me things like “Oh you’re so lucky, London is such a multicultural city that you’ll blend in perfectly. No one cares if you have green hair or if you’re wearing your shirt inside out!” A friend of mine from university recently posted this as her Facebook status: “Number of times I laughed to myself on the long walk home from Angel: 34. Number of times people stopped to stare at the strange Asian girl laughing to herself: 0. Another reason to love London.” But this hasn’t always been the stereotype. Continue reading


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A star is born

London = the city of musicals? This might sound like a cliché but it turned out to be the perfect equation for Phantom of the Opera current lead actress Sofia Escobar.

Photo of Sofia Escobar: Courtesy of VIP.pt

Continue reading


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