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Aspire to inspire: interview with the creator of “Inspire Me”

Filipa Pontinha is only 21 and already a trend-setter. When I asked her to introduce herself in a few words, she said: “I live in the moment. I have feelings and emotions, and I take care of them – they’re all I am and all I’ve got.” As you do.

A Marketing student in Lisbon, Filipa inspires people on a daily basis with her increasingly well-known Facebook page Inspire Me. Many of you may not have heard of it (yet), but it has become a true cultural phenomenon in Portugal. Continue reading


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Facebook: disconnecting people?

As part of an assignment, this blog was supposed to be about, broadly speaking, London, and anything that can be related to it. Since I’ve already been marked on that, I’ve decided to develop this blog a bit more.

Fear not, the main focus of it will still be London; however, I’ll be adding other types of posts from time to time, i.e. about current events, or themes that interest and/or are important to me. This one falls into that category.

Many articles have been written about Facebook, its creator Mark Zuckerberg, what’s good and what’s bad about it, and its consequences in our society. What fascinates me most about the social network par excellence is how it affects communication between us, human beings, that spend hours a day behind a computer talking and sharing things about our life on the internet.

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