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Jamie Oliver: from zero to hero

If someone had told 16-year old James Trevor Oliver that in 10 years’ time he would become not only a phenomenon in the world of food, but a world phenomenon himself, and one of Britain’s most famous exports, he probably wouldn’t have believed it.

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After the whole Viajante fiasco, I’d given up on the idea of finding a warm, cosy Portuguese restaurant that would make me feel better whenever I’m homesick. I can’t say I found anything of the sort yet, but a restaurant in Islington has recently given me a bit of hope.

Portal's logo, from the restaurant's website

Unlike Viajante, Portal is a restaurant looking to be considered Portuguese, and what’s great about it is that it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to look like a sloppy tavern and serve “ultra-traditional” dishes – by which I mean food that tastes good to people who are familiar with it but doesn’t exactly attract newcomers because they don’t know what it is and, frankly, have no interest in finding out about it. Continue reading


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Please do not call them custard tarts

“Pastel de nata”. Those are the first words people throw my way (after “obrigado” and swear words, of course) when people find out I’m Portuguese and they want to show off their Portuguese skills.

Photo: Courtesy of  Wikimedia

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