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British teens: “worst-behaved in Europe”

The Institute for Public Policy Research revealed in a report in 2007 that the British teens seem to be the worst-behaved in Europe. This study found out that 44 per cent of British teens had been involved in a fight in the previous year, while it was the case with only 28 per cent in Germany, 36 per cent in France and 38 per cent in Italy.

I had always heard about violence in London specifically but had no idea that teen violence was such a big issue in the UK. What made me dwell on this subject was a street fight I witnessed earlier on today. Continue reading



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The issue of “Britishness”

When I moved to London, people often told me things like “Oh you’re so lucky, London is such a multicultural city that you’ll blend in perfectly. No one cares if you have green hair or if you’re wearing your shirt inside out!” A friend of mine from university recently posted this as her Facebook status: “Number of times I laughed to myself on the long walk home from Angel: 34. Number of times people stopped to stare at the strange Asian girl laughing to herself: 0. Another reason to love London.” But this hasn’t always been the stereotype. Continue reading


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A star is born

London = the city of musicals? This might sound like a cliché but it turned out to be the perfect equation for Phantom of the Opera current lead actress Sofia Escobar.

Photo of Sofia Escobar: Courtesy of VIP.pt

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