Peter Pan syndrome

As a teenager, leaving home appears to have all the advantages – advantages that always outweigh any possible drawback. If you can live without supervision, party with no curfew and basically do whatever you want, what could possibly happen that would make living on your own anything other than awesome?

It’s quite simple really. It’s not just the washing your own dishes, doing your own laundry, and all that jazz. After a while of generally just handling life by yourself – real life – you end up getting the feeling that, well, party’s over, and suddenly you feel like curling up in your childhood bed like there’s no tomorrow!

This all seems like quite a small price to pay, but concentrating on your studies and trying to enjoy life at the same time gets more and more difficult as time goes by and certain things are expected of you. Before turning 18, all you want is for people to see you as an adult, but you may begin to feel a whole lot differently when people actually start to treat you like one.

That’s because freedom comes at a price. Without us realising it, our independence is gradually traded off for a growing number of responsibilities. Because that is what adulthood is about – responsibility.

I know what you’re thinking – is growing up really that bad? Surely this is too much of an exaggeration. It may well be. Realistically speaking, there’s both good and bad things in each phase of life, and let’s face it, things could be way worse than not having to answer to anyone.

But if you’ve read this far and mostly agreed with what has been said, it’s likely you’re suffering from what I like to call the “Peter Pan syndrome”. Miss the old days when your biggest worry was if you’d get a bike for your birthday or if you’d get to eat cookies for breakfast? Yep, that is one of the most common symptoms.

At some point in life, you will begin to wonder “How has time gone by so fast?” And sometimes, especially for people who have recently left their comfortable, cosy nest, learning how to fly won’t be as easy as you thought it would. It may be the case where it gets hard to face the reality and you realise that there’s no turning back; the years will come and there’s no way to fight it.

Refusing to grow up is something that affects us all at one point or another – there’s a good reason Peter Pan was written. But the thing is, refusing to accept change can lead to no good. We don’t all like it, some of us even apprehend it, but the truth is, it’s going to happen whether we like it or not. So why not make life easier for ourselves and try to enjoy, but most of all accept, the things that will be thrown at us? It won’t always be easy, but I’ll guarantee you’ll grow old with a lot less wrinkles.



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3 responses to “Peter Pan syndrome

  1. vaf

    “I’m not four!” A rare, sensitive and beautifully written exercise of self-disclosure. Congratulations.

  2. lr

    I see your point! Lie down, relax and enjoy life – even though we all know that adult life is not always easy. But it’s full of surprises…

  3. cristina

    I think we all go through life with what was actually already defined as “Peter Pan syndrome” (remember Michael Jackson?). I will just say: live with it and enjoy the fact that – in your mind, of course – there is always a place for childish wishes and dreams.

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