Student life: accomodation

To all uni students out there everywhere, please help me with this piece of research I am doing for a post I will be writing later.

Your feedback is needed and cooperation much appreciated!

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Where have you been living the past year (September-present)?

Do you have the possibility of living at home and appreciating all those home-cooked meals?

Do you live in student accomodation facilities (e.g. UNITE and uni halls) instead?

Or finally have you managed to get a place along  with some friends?

Thank you and please vote below!

Feel free to comment, any piece of information is extremely useful for my research.

POLLS ARE NOW CLOSED, but thanks to everyone who voted!



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5 responses to “Student life: accomodation

  1. I used to have to wear wax earplugs to sleep in my student bedsit – those were the says haha . I lived next to a group of musicians who used to start playing at midnight , luckily it was electric instruments so i found the electric meter box and turned power off – solution! Also lived above fish and chip shop – freezing as electric meter gobbled up all my student loan.

  2. Flat-sharing is well described though – practical and fun!

  3. Inês Azevedo

    Haha! I see what you mean…well, I just wanted to make voting more attractive! Hehe. Thanks for taking the time to vote and comment. 🙂

  4. Julien


    I’m living in one of the student accommodation facilities of my uni and I’d just like to say that it’s more “ants everywhere and no way to cook proper food” than “party all the time”…

    Although we do party a lot sometimes…


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